Pryde – Richvale Summer (Mixtape)



01. Day One
02. Down
03. Bangin My Line
04. Lit
05. Richvale Summer
06. Up All Night
07. Squad
08. Shainy And Sophie
09. Morning Sex (Interlude)
10. West End East End
11. Would
12. Mama
13. Rented A Loft (Bonus)

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Mars (Mixtape) (June 03, 2011)

01. MARS (prod by Chynna)
02. Blink Of An Eye (prod by Den-Z)
03. Curtains (prod by Den-Z)
04. Did It On My Own (prod by Jordan DJ Swivel Young)
05. Mr. Prizzy (prod by Jahlil Beats)
06. No Sleep (ft Joe Budden) (prod by Den-Z)
07. In My Mind (Interlude) (ft DJ Suss-One) (prod by Den-Z)
08. Runnin (prod by Reefa)
09. Pryde Day (prod by Den-Z)
10. Highway (prod by Reefa)
11. Making My Name (ft Shantee Tyler) (prod by Reefa)
12. Ready To Go (prod by Reefa)
13. Big Shot (ft August Rigo) (prod by August Rigo)
14. Outro Flow (prod by Chynna)
15. Start Again (prod by Reefa)

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Flagship (Mixtape) (June 03, 2012)

01. Flagship Intro (prod by K Beatz & Scena)
02. Fat Lady (prod by K Beatz)
03. Mobbin (prod by Den-Z & Gynus)
04. Hometown Hero (ft Bun B) (prod by K Beatz)
05. It Only Gets Better (prod by K Beatz)
06. Glitter To Gold (prod by Reefa & C2)
07. Mistress (prod by Reefa)
08. Bottom Dollar (prod by Den-Z & DJ Linobo)
09. Normal (prod by Den-Z)
10. Ready Set Go (prod by The Theorist)
11. Applause (prod by Den-Z)
12. Pray (prod by K Beatz)
13. Wings Up (prod by Den-Z & K Beatz)
14. Palisades Parkway Flow (prod by Den-Z)
15. Outro Flow 2 (prod by Den-Z)

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