Money Mafia – Luciano Family (Mixtape)



01. Hollows (ft TEC, Maine Musik, Ace B)
02. Street Corner (ft Maine Musik, TEC, Master P, Eastwood)
03. Do That Bad (ft TEC, Maine Musik, Eastwood, Ace B)
04. Lately (ft TEC Maine Musik, Ace B , Master P)
05. Fundo (ft Maine Musik , TEC)
06. Social Media Thuggin (ft Maine Musik)
07. Bout Like Dat (ft Maine Musik, TEC, She Money, Ace B)
08. Lucky Luciano (ft Maine Musik, TEC, Ace B)
09. Pop Out (ft Maine Musik, TEC, Ace B)
10. Yeah Wit Da Yeah (ft Money Money)
11. Fedz (ft Maine Musik, Ace B, She Money)
12. Where Whould I Be (ft Maine Musik, Ace B)
13. No Enemies (ft TEC)
14. Homicide (ft Ace B, TEC, Maine Musik, Fame-O)
15. U Mad (ft She Money, TEC, Master P)
16. Minute To Get It (ft Maine Musik, TEC)
17. Gunz (ft Ace B, Maine Musik, She Money, Fame-O)
18. Homeboys (D F W T) (ft Maine Musik, TEC, Krazy Ace B, Master P)
19. Under Cover (ft Maine Musik)
20. Feel Special (ft BlaqNmilD, Master P)
21. Pressure (ft She Money, Master P, Maine Musik)
22. Memory Lane (ft Master P, Ace B, TEC)
23. Shawty (ft Maine Musik, TEC, Ace B)
24. Bonita (ft TEC, Ace B, Master P)

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We All We Got (Mixtape) (Released: January 05, 2015)

01. Hell Of A Life
02. Stay To Myself
03. Guess Who Back
04. U Kno Who U Are
05. Souljas
06. I Did It
07. If U Ain’t With Me
08. Let’s Make A Movie
09. Changed On Me
10. Im Just Trying11. Levels
12. Sexiest
13. Power (ft Lil Wayne, Gangsta & Ace B)
14. 2morrow The 1st
15. Yo Money My Money
16. What You Be On
17. Do It Fa Da Gram
18. We Bout It (ft Ace B, Master P, Calliope Var & Calliope Popeye)
19. So Bad
20. We All We Got
21. They On Me

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