LOrange & Kool Keith – Time? Astonishing! (Album)



01. Time? Astonishing!
02. The Traveler (ft J-Live)
03. The Green Ray
04. Twenty Fifty Three (ft Mr. Lif)
05. Meanwhile, Back Home (ft Open Mike Eagle)
06. The Wanderer
07. This New World (ft Blu, Montage One & DJ Trackstar)
08. Dr Bipolar
09. Suspended Animation (ft MC Paul Barman)
10. I Need Out Of This World (ft Mindsone)
11. Upwards. To Space!
12. Days I Used To Know

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02. The Traveler (ft J-Live)


After The Flowers (Mixtape)

01. Waking Instructions (Intro)
02. Entering The Silence (ft Red Pill)
03. Vertigo Interlude (ft Chuck Inglish & Amerigo Gazaway)
04. Wilting Away (ft Xiomara)
05. Broken Clocks (Instrumental)
06. Grow (ft Johaz Of Dag Savage & Blame One)
07. Stop Growing (ft Meyhem Lauren & Billy Woods)
08. The Great Comedian (Instrumental)
09. My Magic Is The Best Magic (Instrumental)

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