Huey Mack – Things Change (Album)



01. Things Change (ft Goody Grace)
02. Funeral (ft Afrojack & Twista)
03. Favorite Song
04. Mutual (ft Mike Stud)
05. 11:11 (ft TeamMate)
06. Celebrity
07. All Night
08. We Aint Lookin
09. Back On My B******t
10. After You (ft Louis Bell)
11. Hate Me
12. I Need To Know
13. West Virginia To Worldwide
14. You Again

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Bright Lights & Long Nights (Mixtape)

01. Hands Up
02. Tonight (ft Young Scolla)
03. Take Me Back
04. Way You Are (ft Devin Miles)
05. Puppets On A Chain
06. Popular
07. Stars
08. Your A Star
09. Lift Me Up
10. Live It Up
11. Shoot Me Down
12. Feeling Right
13. Hero (ft Jo Christo)
14. Slow It Down (ft Palermo Stone)
15. Unthinkable Im Ready
16. Lets Just Say Goodbye
17. Bright Lights And Long Nights
18. Cheers
19. Stoned (ft Devin Miles)
20. Dont Stop Lovin Me
21. Long Way To Go

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Freshman 15 (Mixtape)

01. Orientation (prod by Dsp)
02. Keep Growing (ft Young Scolla) (prod by Jay B)
03. Syllabus Week (prod by Scarecrow)
04. Looking At The Sky (prod by Famous)
05. Reckless (ft Penguin Prison) (prod by Big Jerm & Huey Mack)
06. Youre A Star 2 (ft Jo Christo) (prod by Tron)
07. Together (ft Miami Horror) (prod by Gloves)
08. Meant For Us (prod by Dsp)
09. The Freshman 15 (prod by The Xtraordinary Gentleman)
10. My Mind (ft The RLES) (prod by The Xtraordinary Gentleman)
11. To Be Young And Alive (prod by Lexi Banks)
12. Never Look Back (ft Collin McLoughlin) (prod by By Dsp)
13. You Know (prod by Big Jerm & Mansions On The Moon)
14. Grateful (ft Devin Miles & Young Scolla) (prod by By Dsp)
15. Closing (ft Alec Kornfield) (prod by Brenton Duvall)

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A Boy Named Hue (Mixtape)

01. A Boy Named Hue
02. Nights We Live For
03. Not A Story
04. Nothing Back (ft Scolla & Mike Stud)
05. Higher
06. Last Time (ft Vonnegutt)
07. By Your Side
08. Do Well (ft Missy Modell)
09. The Times (ft Scolla & ModSun)
10. Middle Finger Music
11. About Us
12. Goodbye (ft Scolla)
13. I Want It All (prod by Jon Kilmer) (Bonus)

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