eMC – The Tonite Show (Album)



01. The Departure (Skit) (ft Masta Ace, Wordsworth & Isabelle Camenzind)
02. Fly Thoughts (ft Pearl Gates)
03. The Opening (Skit) (ft Russell Peters & Tonedeff)
04. The Monologue
05. The Green Room (Skit) (ft DJ Danica, Pearl Gates, Masta Ace & Wordsworth)
06. Stoopid (ft B-Real)
07. The Male Groupie (Skit) (ft James “Faiz” Williams & Masta Ace)
08. Moopies (ft Sadat X)
09. The Couch (Skit) (ft Russell Peters & Rosie Perez)
10. Signtology (ft Dion)
11. Triple Threat (ft Powermalu)
12. The Car Jack (Skit) (ft Bklyn Science & Stricklin)
13. It Ain’t Easy (ft Marlon Saunders)
14. I Like You Like (ft Strickie Love)
15. Scream (ft Pav Bundy)
16. The Math Man (Skit) (ft Russell Peters, Timoor Anunnaki & Rosie Perez)
17. Numbers (ft Xzibit)
18. Tonys Room (Skit) (ft Masta Ace, Bob Power & Tony Rock)
19. Spun A Web (ft Tu Kora)
20. Away from Love (ft Signif)
21. The Closing (Skit) (ft Russell Peters & Steve “The Angry Merch Guy”)
22. Outtakes

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02. Fly Thoughts (ft Pearl Gates)


The Turning Point (Album)

01. Superbowl Sunday
02. Stay Busy
03. New School Nursery
04. Charly Murphie
05. Gotchu
06. Sweet Potato Fries
07. Verified
08. Firehouse Lounge
09. The Coolest
10. Body Shots
11. Turning Point
12. Amg-Psa

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